Outdoor and Environmental Education Subscription

  • Outdoor and Environmental Education (OEE) at Nassau BOCES has developed programs that allow students and adults to become mindful and informed about the natural world through experiential learning.  As part of the OEE subscription, participating school districts can leverage the program’s wealth of resources.  Resources include the ability for districts to purchase student programs as well as professional development programs for district staff. 

    As an additional part of the OEE subscription, school districts will receive a day of environmental education for a group of 15 students or less or a professional development opportunity for school district staff.

  • OEE 2022-23 Subscription Fee


  • Subscribing school districts can choose from the following options:

    1. Environmental Education for up to 15 students

    Programs include:

    Brookville Environmental Center

    • Adventure Education (Low Ropes Course)/Teambuilding
    • Colonial Education Programs
    • Ecology at Brookville

    Master's Garage @ Caumsett State Park

    • Ecology Education Programs (excluding the canoe program)
    • Orienteering
    • GPS, Geocaching, Earth caching
    • Survival

    2. In-person Environmental Education professional development 


    3. In-person Team Building professional development


    4. Virtual Team building professional development

    A professional development day can be broken down as follows:

    • 1 group of 40 teachers and/or admin and/or support staff for 6 hours of PD.  In total 40 teachers will receive 6 hours of PD. 
    • 2 groups of 40 teachers and/or admin and/or support staff. Each group receives 3 hours of PD. In total 80 teachers will receive 3 hours of PD. 
    • 3 groups of 40 teachers and/or admin and/or support staff.  Each group receives 2 hours of PD.  In total 120 teachers will receive 2 hours of PD.