ACA Grant Program FAQs

  • What is the structure of the program?

    Students work on courses asynchronously, on their own, following pacing and due dates within the course. Students have support from a virtual teacher of record (TOR), who meets with students weekly, live via Zoom, and is available for ongoing support, via email/Remind. 

    Who supports the student in their AP courses?

    Students are supported by the Nassau BOCES' student mentor, Liz Bingham, their school counselor/mentor, and their virtual teacher.

    How are grades/progress reported?

    Nassau BOCES' mentor sends biweekly updates on student progress to school counselors and guardians. Guardians and school counselors are given accounts in our SIS (student information system) and are able to view/monitor student progress at any time. Final grades and comments are shared with the district. The district is responsible for reporting final grades on student report cards. Transcripts are able to be furnished as needed. 

    What apps/tools are used?

    • Genius SIS (Student Information System) is used to store student and course information and progress. Communication is available via email within Genius.
    • BUZZ LMS (Learning Management System) is where our courses are housed. Students access BUZZ via Genius. Students complete all assignments in BUZZ.
    • Remind is used for text/messaging between students, teachers, and families. The Remind app is a free recommended download for use on mobile devices.

    There are times when emails/sites may need to be "whitelisted" by the district's IT department. Please let us know if you encounter this issue and we will work with your IT dept to ensure student access.

    Some courses may require a visit/account on a third-party app. If this is the case, we will work with the district IT to ensure access. 

    What fees is the district responsible for? What fees does the grant cover?

    ACA Grant covers the following fees:

    • Virtual TOR 
    • Administrative oversight
    • AP course curriculum and content
    • Tutoring fees
    • SUNY Empire tuition

    District covers the following fees:

    • AP registration fee
    • All course materials

    Who do I reach out to with questions?

    Any course/content-related questions can be sent to the virtual teacher via Genius or Remind

    Any tech issues can be reported to our help desk:

    Questions other than those related to course content can be sent to Elizabeth Bingham