Power BI Dashboards

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    CREDENTIALS - Use your IDW username and password (i.e. jsmith@nb-dw.org). In the event you are unable to login, please contact your district IDW account manager, or your State Reporting coordinator for further assistance. 

    VIEWING REPORTS - CIO Level access in the IDW is currently required to view any data on the Power BI Dashboards. If you are able to login, but the reports appear blank, please contact your district IDW account manager and ask them to edit the permissions on your account to include the "Add to SR-PowerBI-CIO" checkbox.  

    *Please note: Power BI access is currently given as a district wide view. Selecting the above-mentioned checkbox will allow the user access to all district data included within the reports.

    UPDATES - Changes are currently synced once daily, early in the morning. Any account changes or data loaded will be reflected in the reports the following day.

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