January 2023


  • Happy New Year! Come to the NASTECH January meeting to grab some lunch and engage in some good old- fashioned collaboration with your NASTECH colleagues.  


    We’ll chat about CBT, CS Standards, cybersecurity protections and after-hour alerts. Come ready to fill your brains! 

    What will I wear to NASTECH?


    NASTECH Pre-Meeting 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM- Mentorship Meetup 


    The ABCs of CBT (Computer Based Testing) 

    Stephanie Witt and Barbara Dwyer from Nassau BOCES and (hopefully) other guest speakers will be on hand to discuss logistics and any questions related to CBT districts may have.


    After-Hour Alerts from Student Monitoring Systems  

    After-Hour Alerts Tabletop activity.  


    Little Conversations and a Surprise Treat (Break- 15 minutes) 


    Cybersecurity Bingo and Information Sharing 

    See what protective measures you have in place as we play Cybersecurity Bingo. Then meet in groups with other districts using similar cybersecurity protections. 


    Computer Science Curriculum Workgroups 

    Work in small groups on process and planning the implementation of the new Computer Science standards. 






CBT Resources