April 2023




    AI is here and it’s not going anywhere. 

    This meeting will focus on mostly the pros and some of the cons associated with AI tools.  


    Reminder: Please bring Photo ID as it is required to enter the building. 





    Registration and Lunch (12:00 PM to 12:30 PM) 


    Get to Know Each Other Icebreaker Activity 


    Part 1 – Intro to EdTech AI and Conversations around AI Edtech with Jim Siegl from the Future of Privacy Forum 

    A brief intro to EdTech AI followed by conversations around AI bias and privacy. 



    Part II- AI Constructive Use Cases in the Education Space 

    Presented by Mike Davola, Garden City UFSD 


    Breaktime/Turn and Talk 


    AI Take-Away Activity 

    Take-away activity on how to communicate with community stakeholder groups about AI in schools.

Utilizing AI in EDU