2024-2029 Nassau RIC Regional Technology Plan

  • Purpose of this plan: Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) are required by law and regulation to prepare a regional plan for providing technology services to the supervisory district. The Nassau Regional Information Center (RIC) plan addresses the requirements as indicated in Education Law 1950(4)(c) and the related Part 115.1 of the Commissioner’s Regulations. The District Superintendent for Nassau BOCES, as the only BOCES in the Nassau RIC region, coordinates the development and completion of this plan in conjunction with the RIC Director for the Nassau Regional Information Center.

  • Summary of Priorities

    Technology Leadership

    • Priority 1. To make available to participating districts cost-efficient tools to support in-person and remote learning and to promote digital equity for all students.
    • Priority 2. To continue to provide comprehensive technical support to component districts with a continuing emphasis on business continuity and security.
    • Priority 3. To continue to provide professional development and opportunities for collaboration between school district technologists via the NASTECH service.

    Instructional Leadership  

    • Priority 1. To continue to provide professional development to facilitate the delivery of quality instruction, increase equitable access to high-quality learning experiences, and promote culturally and linguistically responsive learning environments for all students through the effective use of educational technology.  
    • Priority 2. To continue to develop and offer workshops for educators that promote comfort and proficiency in designing and integrating technology-enhanced lessons.
    • Priority 3. To increase access to digital curriculum, including advanced, AP, and credit recovery courses for all students in a personalized learning environment. 

    Data Leadership

    • Priority 1. To support school districts with the training and support needed to successfully transition to Computer Based Testing for state assessments.
    • Priority 2. To provide leadership, training, and technical support for all districts regarding state reporting requirements.
    • Priority 3. To provide leadership and professional development for the use of data to improve instruction and address learning needs for all students.

    Data Privacy and Security

    • Priority 1. To provide programs and resources that help districts comply with federal and state student data privacy laws and prepare for the latest cybersecurity threats.
    • Priority 2. To increase data privacy transparency for community stakeholders, including parents, students, faculty, and staff.

    Vendor Management

    • Priority 1. To provide support for services and strategies that are aligned with industry best practices and standards, and facilitate enforcement for the standardization of offerings from third parties with regard to Ed Law 2-d.
    • Priority 2. To develop baseline criteria and utilize verified compliance criteria for third-party district-based security solutions.


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Last Modified on November 27, 2023