Erin's Law Sexual Abuse and Trafficking Prevention

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  • Erin's Law is a law that requires public schools to teach child sexual abuse and exploitation prevention classes to students in kindergrten through eighth grade.  New York State signed Erin's Law into legislation in August 2019, becoming the 37th state to do so.  New York's Erin's Law addresses the need to prevent sexual abuse of students in grades K-8, which requires defining and addressing the wide range of behaviors and experiences related to sexual violence, such as child sexual abuce, sexual assault, and child sexual exploitation.

    During the summer of 2021 Nassau BOCES moderated a group of educators and sexual development experts to create a K-8, adult and parent Erin's Law Resource library.  Additionally, during the school year, Nassau BOCES Mental Health Consortium members have access to "Tina TV".  This service offers virtual weekly elementary level SEL lessons that teachers can remote into their classrooms.  "Tina TV" offers Erin's Law lessons for students K-8.  Check Frontline/MLP for schedule.

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Erin's Law Training

  • Nassau BOCES offers training programs from these providers:

    Monique Burr Foundation - Looking for pre-made lessons for all grade bands? Available programs: Child Safety Matters, Teen Safety Matters, After-School Safety Matters, Athlete Safety Matters.  Programs include teacher training and student materials.

    Darkness To Light- Stewards of Children- Turn-key training for faculty to provide adult sexual abuse prevention and identification. 

    Enough! Abuse Campaign - on-line self-paced course for adults to learn about child sexual abuse identification and prevention.

    Long Island Safe Center - Experts to provide Child Sexual Abuse prevention, Identification, Reporting workshops to adults.  For direct student instruction, contact Arts in Education here.

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