April 2024


  • Technology Director's April Meeting 

    Thursday, April 18, 2024

    Noon to 2:00 PM

    Lunch: (Noon-12:30 PM)


    Welcome and Ice Breaker: (12:30-12:35 PM)


    • Darlene Roces, Suffolk RIC Director, Eastern Suffolk BOCES
    • Laura Pollak, Supervisor II, Nassau BOCES


    Focus: Regional and District data collection and analysis (12:40-1:55)

    The theme of our meeting will be for districts to take stock of the many technology and other resources they have in place to support their district's cybersecurity efforts. All educational institutions have matured in this space over the past years and this exercise will assist districts in understanding their resourcing, creating baseline data points, and how other Long Island districts resource.


    Districts will be allotted about 20 minutes to complete the form and then districts can "Turn and Talk" to discuss prompts similar to the following:


    Given the regional data that was shared today:

    1. What are one or two surprises?
    2. What other data points does your district collect, including application-generated data, to tell your district's cyber security story?
    3. Are there any particular technologies or application-based settings you've found useful to protect your district?
    4. What are one or two topics that you'll follow up on?

    Closing: (1:55-2:00 PM)