2023-24 Leadership Directory for School Districts


  • April E. Poprilo, Interim District Superintendent

    Phone: 516-396-2200

    Email: TBD

    James Widmer, Deputy Superintendent/Chief Operating Officer

    Phone: 516-396-2214

    Email: jwidmer@nasboces.org

    Colleen Lipponer, Assistant Superintendent for Business Services

    Phone: 516-396-2219

    Email: clipponer@nasboces.org

    Thomas McGrath, Assistant to the Superintendent (Human Resources/RSIP)

    Phone: 516-396-2358

    Email: tmcgrath@nasboces.org

    Susan McNulty, Assistant to the Superintendent (Special Education/Curriculum & Instruction)

    Phone: 516-396-2287

    Email: smcnulty@nasboces.org

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Business Services

  • Dr. Marsha Barnett, Assistant Director

    Phone: 516-396-2592

    Email: mbarnett@nasboces.org

    Charles Carollo, Executive Manager

    Phone: 516-396-2215

    Email: ccarollo@nasboces.org

    Jean Gribbins, Senior Manager II

    Phone: 516-396-2246

    Email: jgribbins@nasboces.org

    Dawn Bauman, Senior Manager II

    Phone: 516-396-2554

    Email: dbauman@nasboces.org

    Thomas Dulovic, Supervisor II

    Phone: 516-396-2221

    Email: tdulovic@nasboces.org


    Cooperative Bidding and Purchasing

    Michael Perina, Senior Manager III

    Phone: 516-396-2543

    Email: mperina@nasboces.org


    Food Services

    Timothy Holahan, Program Manager I

    Phone: 516-396-2926

    Email: tholahan@nasboces.org



    Brian Cordes, Senior Manager I

    Phone: 516-396-2022

    Email: BCordes@nasboces.org

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Curriculum, Instruction and Technology

  • Susan McNulty, Assistant to the Superintendent (Special Education/Curriculum & Instruction)

    Phone: 516-396-2287

    Email: smcnulty@nasboces.org


    District and Technology Services

    Chris Reinertsen, Executive Director

    Phone: 516-832-2741

    Email: creinertsen@nasboces.org

    Christopher McGrath, Assistant Director (Budgeting and Finance)

    Phone: 516-832-2861

    Email: cmcgrath@nasboces.org

    District Services

    Kyle Humann, Assistant Director (District Services)

    Phone: 516-608-6697

    Email: khumann@nasboces.org

    Sonia Joseph, Systems Specialist (Graphic Arts and Printing)

    Phone: 516-396-2020

    Email: sjoseph1@nasboces.org

    Mary Ann Sidoti, Senior Manager I

    Phone: 516-832-2739

    Email: msidoti@nasboces.org

    Vincent LaRusso, Senior Manager I (Telecommunications)

    Phone: 516-832-2745

    Email: vlarusso@nasboces.org

    Student Support Services

    Dr. Meador Pratt, Executive Manager

    Phone: 516-832-2744

    Email: mpratt@nasboces.org

    Jeffrey Davis, Senior Manager II

    Phone: 516-832-2756

    Email: jdavis2@nasboces.org

    Phillip DeGrazia, Senior Manager II

    Phone: 516-832-2815

    Email: pdegrazia@nasboces.org

    Frances Werner, Senior Manager II

    Phone: 516-608-6688

    Email: fwerner@nasboces.org

    Ira Hersch, Supervisor II

    Phone: 516-832-2789

    Email: ihersch@nasboces.org

    Margarita Pieri, Supervisor II

    Phone: 516-608-6673

    Email: mpieri@nasboces.org

    Laura Pollak, Supervisor II

    Phone: 516-832-2796

    Email: lpollak@nasboces.org

    Barbara Sabia, Supervisor II

    Phone: 516-608-6682

    Email: bsabia@nasboces.org

    Stephanie Witt, Supervisor II

    Phone: 516-608-6623

    Email: switt1@nasboces.org

    Technology Services

    Sandeep Dhillon, Assistant Director (Technology Services)

    Phone: 516-832-2716

    Email: sdhillon@nasboces.org

    Mary Ellen Franzese, Senior Manager I

    Phone: 516-832-2750

    Email: mfranzese@nasboces.org

    Margaret Placilla, Senior Manager I

    Phone: 516-832-2773

    Email: mplacilla@nasboces.org

    Patricia Sheehan, Senior Manager I

    Phone: 516-832-2748

    Email: psheehan@nasboces.org

    Matthew Scammell, Senior Manager II

    Phone: 516-832-2851

    Email: mscammell@nasboces.org

    Alex Domanico, Senior Manager II

    Phone: 516-832-2766

    Email: adomanico@nasboces.org

    Dr. Patricia Reinhardt, Senior Manager II

    Phone: 516-832-2737

    Email: preinhardt@nasboces.org


    Health and Safety Training

    Peter LaDuca, Assistant Director

    Phone: 516-396-2388

    Email: pladuca@nasboces.org

    Steve Jacob, Assistant Executive Manager

    Phone: 516-396-2401

    Email: sjacob@nasboces.org


    Instructional Support Services

    There are no records to display.

    Curriculum and Instruction

    Matthew DiMenna, Supervisor I

    Phone: 516-608-6678

    Email: mdimenna@nasboces.org

    Joanne Spencer, Supervisor I (Arts in Education/Exploratory Enrichment)

    Phone: 516-396-2565

    Email: jspencer@nasboces.org

    Patricia Iannacone, Supervisor II

    Phone: 516-608-6662

    Email: piannacone@nasboces.org

    Elisa Maggi, Supervisor II

    Phone: 516-608-6638

    Email: emaggi@nasboces.org

    Audre Midura, Supervisor II

    Phone: 516-832-2718

    Email: amidura@nasboces.org

    Regina Moraitis, Supervisor II

    Phone: 516-608-6643

    Email: rmoraitis@nasboces.org

    Dr. Elaine Zseller, Supervisor II

    Phone: 516-608-6618

    Email: ezseller@nasboces.org

    Donald Brosnan, Supervisor II (Language Programs and Assessment Services)

    Phone: 516-396-2483

    Email: dbrosnan@nasboces.org

    Health Services

    Nora Epstein, Senior Manager II

    Phone: 516-396-2427

    Email: nepstein@nasboces.org

    Information Management - Financial Services

    Barbara Fennell, Senior Manager I

    Phone: 516-396-2472

    Email: bfennell@nasboces.org

    Library Services

    There are no records to display.

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Regional Schools and Instructional Programs

  • Thomas McGrath, Assistant to the Superintendent (Human Resources/RSIP)

    Phone: 516-396-2358

    Email: tmcgrath@nasboces.org

    Judith Hynes, Associate Director

    Phone: 516-396-2249

    Email: jhynes@nasboces.org

    Peter Dalton, Principal

    Phone: 516-396-2280

    Email: pdalton@nasboces.org

    Jyoti Sood, Supervisor I (Instructional Technology)

    Phone: 516-622-6837

    Email: jsood@nasboces.org


    Adult Education Programs

    Brad Slepian, Assistant Principal (Adult CTE)

    Phone: 516-622-6901

    Email: bslepian@nasboces.org

    Lisa Carboy, Assistant Principal (Adult Learning Center)

    Phone: 516-622-5632

    Email: lcarboy@nasboces.org


    Barry Tech

    Dr. William Poll, Acting Principal

    Phone: 516-622-6805

    Email: wpoll@nasboces.org

    Daniel Cava, Assistant Principal

    Phone: 516-622-6835

    Email: dcava@nasboces.org

    Nafesa Khan, Assistant Principal

    Phone: 516-622-6806

    Email: nkhan@nasboces.org

    Anastasia Kokonis, Interim Assistant Principal

    Phone: TBD

    Email: akokonis@nasboces.org


    GC Tech

    Madelaine Hackett, Principal

    Phone: 516-604-4210

    Email: mhackett@nasboces.org

    Caitriona O'Neill, Assistant Principal

    Phone: 516-604-4215

    Email: coneill1@nasboces.org


    Long Island High School for the Arts

    Laura Vega, Principal

    Phone: 516-622-5666

    Email: lvega@nasboces.org

    Lindsay Rogan, Assistant Principal

    Phone: 516-622-5670

    Email: lrogan@nasboces.org


    Specialized Schools

    Kellie Cook McLaurin, Principal

    Phone: 516-604-4242

    Email: kmclaurin@nasboces.org

    Patrick Crea, Supervisor II

    Phone: 516-434-6991

    Email: pcrea@nasboces.org

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Special Education

  • Susan McNulty, Assistant to the Superintendent (Special Education/Curriculum & Instruction)

    Phone: 516-396-2287

    Email: smcnulty@nasboces.org

    Joanna Malament, Associate Director

    Phone: 516-396-2292

    Email: jmalament@nasboces.org

    Dr. Kenneth Kroog, Assistant Director

    Phone: 516-396-2425

    Email: kkroog@nasboces.org

    Francine Paladino, Assistant Executive Manager

    Phone: 516-396-2284

    Email: fpaladino@nasboces.org

    Yvette Allen-Campbell, Supervisor I

    Phone: 516-396-2450

    Email: ycampbell@nasboces.org

    Jeffrey Diebold, Supervisor I

    Phone: 516-396-2294

    Email: jdiebold@nasboces.org

    Dr. Linda Lopez, Supervisor I

    Phone: 516-396-2290

    Email: llopez@nasboces.org

    Peter Ostrander, Supervisor II

    Phone: 516-396-2452

    Email: postrander@nasboces.org


    Career Preparatory High School

    Easton Hazell, Principal

    Phone: 516-546-7800

    Email: ehazell@nasboces.org

    Sabrina Caminero, Assistant Principal

    Phone: 516-629-4434

    Email: scaminero@nasboces.org


    Carman Road School/Preschool Program at Barry Tech

    Gina DaRocha, Principal

    Phone: 516-608-6260

    Email: gdarocha@nasboces.org

    Lisa Maniscalco, Assistant Principal

    Phone: 516-483-7300

    Email: lmaniscalco@nasboces.org

    Alyssa Davoli, Assistant Principal

    Phone: 516-608-6200

    Email: adavoli@nasboces.org

    Jenna Brodsky, Assistant Principal (Preschool Program at Barry Tech)

    Phone: 516-622-5741

    Email: jbrodsky@nasboces.org


    Center for Community Adjustment

    Jeannine Stutz, Principal

    Phone: 516-396-2600

    Email: jstutz@nasboces.org

    Dr. James Bertsch, Assistant Principal

    Phone: 516-396-2974

    Email: jbertsch1@nasboces.org

    Anthony Aiello, Assistant Principal

    Phone: 516-396-2907

    Email: aaiello@nasboces.org


    Children's Readiness Center/CRC at Endo

    Jennifer Gielarowski, Principal

    Phone: 516-719-6070

    Email: jgielarowski@nasboces.org

    Victoria Doucet, Assistant Principal

    Phone: TBD

    Email: vdoucet@nasboces.org

    Alexandra Fishman, Assistant Principal

    Phone: 516-719-6083

    Email: afishman@nasboces.org

    Jill Guzzardo, Assistant Principal (CRC at Endo)

    Phone: 516-913-8750

    Email: jguzzardo@nasboces.org


    Iris Wolfson High School

    Lisa Paolucci, Principal

    Phone: 516-626-6710

    Email: lpaolucci@nasboces.org

    Kelli Fenley, Assistant Principal

    Phone: 516-626-4554

    Email: kfenley@nasboces.org


    Jerusalem Avenue Elementary School

    Matthew Jurgens, Principal

    Phone: 516-608-6300

    Email: mjurgens@nasboces.org

    Todd Zuckerwise, Assistant Principal

    Phone: 516-608-6361

    Email: tzuckerwise@nasboces.org

    Latessa Clairborne, Assistant Principal

    Phone: 516-608-6361

    Email: lclairborne@nasboces.org


    Robert Williams School

    Heather Soffer, Principal

    Phone: 516-802-4010

    Email: hsoffer@nasboces.org

    Jessica Pugliese, Assistant Principal

    Phone: 516-802-4011

    Email: jpugliese@nasboces.org


    Rosemary Kennedy School

    Matthew Zegers, Principal

    Phone: 516-396-2693

    Email: mzegers@nasboces.org

    Brianna Frasca, Assistant Principal

    Phone: 516-396-2612

    Email: bfrasca@nasboces.org

    Jolie Kowal, Assistant Principal

    Phone: 516-396-2693

    Email: jkowal@nasboces.org

    Maximilian Trunz, Assistant Principal

    Phone: 516-396-2618

    Email: MTrunz@nasboces.org


    Seaman Neck Middle School

    Christine Nardi, Principal

    Phone: 516-719-6000

    Email: cnardi@nasboces.org

    Omar Brown, Assistant Principal

    Phone: 516-719-6000

    Email: obrown@nasboces.org


    Support Services Center

    Joel Collazo, Senior Manager II

    Phone: 516-396-2996

    Email: jcollazo@nasboces.org

    Danielle Geiger, Senior Manager II

    Phone: 516-396-2932

    Email: dgeiger1@nasboces.org

    Elizabeth Naples, Senior Manager II

    Phone: 516-396-2931

    Email: enaples@nasboces.org


    Vision and Hearing Services

    Kim Scharoff, Supervisor I

    Phone: 516-396-2930

    Email: kscharoff@nasboces.org

    Leslie David, Assistant Principal

    Phone: 516-622-6995

    Email: ldavid@nasboces.org

    Monica Savino, Supervisor II

    Phone: 516-608-6484

    Email: msavino@nasboces.org


    Willet Avenue School

    Margot Owen, Principal

    Phone: 516-396-4652

    Email: mowen@nasboces.org

    Randee Gresge, Assistant Principal

    Phone: 516-396-4655

    Email: rgresge@nasboces.org

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