Finance Manager

  • This financial and administrative program series was designed exclusively for New York state municipal environments by a team of software developers, certified public accountants, and school district personnel. The following modules are available: accounting, budget, payroll, human resources, negotiations, requisitions, receivables, GASB-34, and Bid.

    Two delivery platforms are included in this system:
    The district's data can be stored at Nassau BOCES with the district connecting back to Nassau BOCES through communications lines. Nassau BOCES prints major reports; orders, stores, and prints checks; transmits direct deposits and produces bank reconciliation, Employee Retirement System, and Teacher Retirement System documents; provides quarterly diskettes for New York state and prints W2s and 1099s.

    The district's data can be stored at the local district. All processing takes place at the district level. The district prints major reports and provides quarterly diskettes for New York state. The district connects back through communications lines to Nassau BOCES for disaster recovery. The service consists of telephone support directly from Nassau BOCES staff and user group meetings. Districts also have the option to have Nassau BOCES print W2s and 1099s or print locally. Districts can also subscribe to six days of in-district training from Nassau BOCES staff.

    CoSer:  602.150
finance manager