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DATAG Presentation - Albany December 5, 2014

  • Building a Multiple Regression Model to Set SLO Targets for High School Regents Courses



    The 2012 Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) plan in New York State (NYS) requires educators to develop Student Learning Objectives (SLO) for high school teachers. Nassau BOCES developed formulas using multiple regression based on historical NYSED student data and demographics to predict student outcomes for courses that ended in 2013 NYS high school assessments. The data for this study included all high school students in the data warehouse maintained by Nassau BOCES, New York who took a 2013 Regent. The formulas created were then used to predict individual student results for the 2014 NYSED assessments. This paper discusses the history of SLOs in NYS, in-district considerations for developing SLOs, regression model methodology, and an evaluation of the model comparing actual 2014 student results to predicted 2014 student results.

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  • Understanding and Using Predicted Targets For Regents Exams and SLOs

    This presentation outlines the details of the Longitudinal SLO Prediction Project which uses prior assessment data from Nassau County to provide predicted scores for students enrolled in Regents courses for the current year.
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Understanding and Using Predicted Targets for Regents Exams and SLOs, November 2013

  • Understanding and Using Predicted Targets for Regents Exams and SLOs

    This workshop and presentation introduces and explains the Longitudinal Study created by Dr. Elaine Zseller and its application for predicting targets for Regents Exams for use with Student Learning Objectives.  Uncovered in the presentation is the methods used to create the predictions, considerations, how schools/districts will be able to access this information in the Instructional Data Warehouse and how to create the actual SLO and rosters.
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  • Sample File for a Global Studies Teacher

    This is a sample of the file that can be created for a teacher that would include all his or her students, the baseline assessments and the Final Projected Score for Global Studies that would be used as the individual students' targets.  This file is easily created through the Instructional Data Warehouse, Public Folders, and then the SLO - Longitudinal Folder.  A spreadsheet is provided in Excel by teacher and allowing for sorting and manipulating to easily provide the data for the teacher's use in the Roster related to the Student Learning Objective.
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The IDW for Guidance Counselors, October 2013

  • College Tracking (Guidance Counselors)

    College Tracking Reports are available through the IDW.  This presentation explores the reports available and the levels of detail associated with each report.  Exploring these reports provides information regarding students' intentions for post graduate study and where they actually enrolled.  It gives students' history of enrollment and degrees earned.  The user can explore where students are most likely to attend and can uncover the students with unknown information that might need further investigation.
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  • IDW and Guidance Counselors

    In this presentation, IDW reports were discussed that may be particularly helpful to guidance counselors.  These include:  Student Assessment Scores, Child Assessment Profile, Regents Maximum Scores and the Advanced Placement DW Summary Report. 
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IDW User Group Meeting I, September 18, 2013

  • Predicting Individual SLO Regent Targets From Previous Test Scores - A New IDW Solution

    This solution will mean that baseline data for courses ending in a Regents exam and the summative assessment target will be provided by the Instructional Data Warehouse for your SLO use. The presentation includes the background information on the creation of the equations used to set the individualized targets based on a student's prior data. 
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  • The Instructional Data Warehouse's "Teacher Portal"

    Right now, your teachers can access their current student's assessment information using the ChAP Report.  This presentation provides the steps that can be taken.  The WASA (Wrong Answer Summary Analysis) Report gives secondary teachers powerful information regarding student performance on Regents exams.  Using the information provided, teachers can explore their own students' responses to inform instruction and curriculum.  Finally, all new, is the Teacher Interface Gap Report. This report will be in table form and each teacher can have direct access to their own students' performance on the 2013 assessments.
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  • District Comparison Report, 3-8 ELA and Math

    The capabilities of this report allows you to compare your district 3-8 ELA and Math results to the county and other Nassau districts.  The presentation guides you through the report options and displays types of reports that can be explored.  Each graph has an accompanying table which is accessed as you "page down."  You can choose to compare to the county benchmark and up to 5 different districts.  The comparison options include % Proficient, Mean Scale Score, % Level 1, and % Level 1 and Level 2.  This report will be released very shortly.
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  • 3-8 ELA and Math Subscores - Maximum Points and State Average

    These charts provide the ELA Reading and Writing Subgroup Maximum points possible and the state average.  In math, three domains are named which are the major emphasis of the grade level.  The Subgroup Maximum points possible and the state average are given for each.  This information is contained on the ISR's which is the report produced for parents. 
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IDW User Group Meeting May 2013

  • Improving Regents Examination Scores - May Initiatives and June Incentives

    This presentation addresses the question, "What can the Instructional Data Warehouse do?"  in light of higher stakes for teachers with the introduction of SLO's as we approach June Regents.  The middle of May is the "ideal time to reintroduce teachers to their Gap Reports."  Gap Reports and the WASA reports are used to show how a department might take a look at student performance to narrow down topics that may need to be addressed before testing.  The new format for the Regents Exams Maximum Scores Achieved report is introduced.
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  • The Road to AYP - ESEA Waiver

    This presentation provides information regarding the path the district data takes before it gets to NYSED which is the data used to calculate a school/district's AYP.  New reports in IDW will assist with the clean-up of that data.  Finally, this presentation includes the ESEA waiver changes affecting AYP.
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  • Unraveling AYP

    Actual AYP data for 3-8 Math and Secondary Math is examined with an emphasis on the new Effective Annual Measurable Objectives (EAMOs) and the effect on particular subgroups.  Ties are made to the instructional Data Warehouse and L2RPT Accountability reports. Finally, the unexpected effect of the ESEA Waiver on 4 & 8 Science AYP is explored.
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