A major portion of the Nassau BOCES Arts in Education website is devoted to the "Artists in Schools" service that we provide for our 56 member school districts. paint Under this rubric, performances, workshops, residencies, professional development and individually tailored programs are offered to school districts looking for quality arts programs to enhance student understanding of the curricula. These experiences provide students and teachers with a lens through which they encounter a broad range of cultures, styles and ways of looking at the world - and the person that provides this to them, through BOCES, is YOU, the artist.

    As the all-important "arts" component of arts in education, you bring a unique perspective to the environment that makes learning more vital, provides support to the teachers and helps students to cultivate their own creativity. You can ensure your participation in this venture by registering your programs on this Arts In Education website. Once you do this, you and your programs will be included in our online Artist Registry.

    The Nassau BOCES Arts in Education website's artist registry is the most up-to-date, comprehensive listing of arts providers for our region. As such, it has become the primary resource for parents, teachers, librarians and administrators from within and without Nassau County. All these people have quick and easy access to information about your arts programs - including a description of the services you provide, price, target audience and duration. They will also be able to read the glowing recommendations you have received, check the schedule of your upcoming appearances, and contact other school districts for permission to preview your programs in person. They will even be provided with a direct link to YOUR website (if you have one) and a direct e-mail link so that they can contact you more easily.

    The cost to artists and organizations for the year is as follows:

    Number of Programs Rates for the 2021-22
    School Year
    1-2 programs $55
    3-5 programs $90
    6-8 programs $135
    9-19 programs $215
    20-34 programs $315
    35 or more programs $400

    All artists and arts organizations that support the school music, art, dance, theatre, literature, poetry or creative writing curriculum through performances, workshops, residencies and/or master classes and who have the desire and ability to share their art, their talent and their knowledge with students and teachers are eligible to participate.
    For more information, call BOCES Arts in Education at 516-396-2345.


    Remember to check your e-mail on a daily basis. All requests for programs, contracts from BOCES, evaluations and invoices are submitted electronically, as well as reminders from BOCES; It is essential that you check your mailbox frequently so as not to miss important information and engagements.

    Sign your contracts and return them to BOCES as soon as possible. No artist is permitted to perform in a school until he/she has returned a SIGNED contract to BOCES. (For instructions visit "Step-by-Step Help for Artists", Section XI, 2.) Please remember that you have been contracted by Nassau BOCES - not the school district -and payment cannot be generated unless the paperwork is completed correctly. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.

    Our fax # is 516-997-0319.

    Make certain to submit your electronic invoice and corresponding online evaluation immediately after your program is completed. Remember to check the box at the bottom of the electronic invoice that indicates you have provided the services listed on the contract. For instructions, refer to "Step-by-Step Help for Artists", Section XII.

    Listed programs stay posted on the website for the duration of the current school year. You do not need to wait until July to update your listings and renew them for the following school year; You may re-register existing programs and enter new listings as early as May for the upcoming school year.

    Check the Website! We have included all sorts of helpful information, as well as detailed instructions for handling program requests, contracts, and invoices. Also check back frequently for announcements and events of interest throughout the year.