• Contact an Artist

    When you have begun to narrow the range of possibilities and have three or four artists  that are of particular interest to you, telephone each individual artist, or bettertelephone yet,  arrange to meet after a "preview" performance in another school.


    During this meeting, describe your particular school, your students and any special goals  or needs which you expect this program to address. Also be sure to provide the artist with details which will be of help to him/her such as:

    • The age of the students who will participate
    • The size of the audience
    • The location in which the program will take place
    • The day/week/month of the program
    • The time allotted for the program
    • The amount of money you have to spend. (Don't be shy about negotiating fees with artists!)
    • Whether or not you want to include a "prep" workshop for teachers prior to the artists' visit
    • To explain the cost of the program/services you wish to purchase, making sure you are very specific about your needs and interests
    • To clarify any "hidden" costs such as travel, supplies, etc.
    • To describe whether or not he/she can tailor the program to meet your needs
    • To describe special performance needs - lighting, sound system, a special dance floor, extra large space (then honestly assess whether or not you can meet these technical needs)
    • To explain any special needs he/she might have before or after the performance (help moving props and sets, dressing rooms, parking, bottled water, etc.)
    • To check his/her availability on the date and time you prefer
    • To describe study guides and resource materials which will be made available to teachers prior to the performance

    Once you are certain you have found the right artist, it is very important to  double-check dates of the performance/program with the school principal and  others who will be involved to ensure that the time is convenient for everyone.  After that it is important to follow each step, below, to guarantee that  everything proceeds smoothly and all legal requirements are met.

    1. Contact the artist by telephone/e-mail to confirm the date of the program and to make  certain the artist understands that you are working with BOCES and that payment  will be made by Nassau BOCES. During this conversation, obtain all information  you will need to complete the on-line Request Form. Request copies of artists'  study guide for all teachers and students if applicable
    2. Contact the school principal and district arts administrator to confirm the  date of the program.
    3. Complete the "Request for Visiting Artists" form.   (You may obtain further information and help completing this form by going to Step-by-Step Help).
    4. Transmit the "Request Form" to the arts administrator for approval.  Once approved, the arts administrator  will electronically submit the Request Form to BOCES. (Requests MUST be received by BOCES at  least 10 working days prior to the program)
    5. Send travel directions and the school's telephone number to the artist along  with a letter confirming date, exact time and exact location of the program.
    6. Distribute study guides to all teachers whose students will participate in the  program.
    7. At least two weeks before the scheduled program, check with the district  arts administrator to be sure that the artist's contract has been processed by BOCES.
    8. If the district arts administrator cannot verify that the artist's  contract has been processed, telephone BOCES immediately at 516-396-2345.

    PLEASE NOTE:The BOCES contract is a legal and binding contract between the  artists and the school district.

    Do not sign any contract, which is presented to you by the artist, which  includes cost of program, cancellation policies, cancellation fees, deposits,  liability issues, etc. If you sign such a contract the artist may hold you  responsible.

    It is permissible to sign a letter of agreement which acknowledges physical  requirements the artists may have regarding space, equipment, etc. and it is  important that the school meets these requirements.