• Choose an Artist


    The following are excellent ways to identify artists who are appropriate to work in your school:cello

    • Search the Artist Register on the Nassau BOCES Arts in Education Website.
    • Attend Arts in Education regional showcases.
    • Check the Calendar for "Artists in Schools" on the AIE Website, telephone the contact person to be certain that the program will take place, and attend the program to preview the artists' work.
    • Ask your district Arts Administrator - he/she is a valuable source of information.
    • Contact other schools' cultural arts representatives for recommendations.

    PLEASE NOTE: You are not limited to the artists/organizations listed on the AIE Website. Any artist/arts organization can be contracted through BOCES as long as the service provided supports the goals of your school's arts curriculum and the New York State Learning Standards for the Arts or falls within the category of Exploratory Enrichment programs.

    We encourage you to find new artists who uniquely meet your needs. Contact us immediately with their names, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers and we will assist them in registering on the AIE Website.


    PREVIEW: We have made every effort to identify talented, effective and knowledgeable artists and to include them on the Nassau BOCES Arts in Education Website. However, before contracting for any services, we strongly advise that you preview the artist's work.

    REFERENCES: We have asked each artist/organization to submit names and telephone numbers of educators who are familiar with their work. These references are listed on the website. Be sure to contact these individuals to discuss both the quality of the artist's work and the artist's ability to interact successfully with students.

    HELPFUL HINTS: Work with your district arts administrator when selecting programs. He/she is very knowledgeable about excellent programs and artists and where to find them. The arts administrator may also be able to help you with block booking. Finally, don't forget that theatre tickets, and admission fees to museums and cultural events can also be purchased through BOCES. For further information, visit "Help with Tickets."