• Artists in Schools

    The goal of the Nassau BOCES Artists in Schools Program is to bring together  the arts and education communities in an effort to make teaching and learning in all disciplines more interesting and engaging and, thereby, more effective.

    We believe that, when students and teachers are introduced to professional artists,  growth in skill and understanding will occur. To ensure the success of this artists encounter, administrators need to provide:

    • An environment which recognizes the value of the arts in education;
    • An appropriate setting within which performances and workshops can take place;
    • Opportunities for teachers to prepare their students for this experience;
    • Opportunities for teachers to integrate this experience into other areas of the curriculum; and
    • An assessment of the experience, its relevance and opportunities upon which to expand the experience.

    All services provided by artists which support the school arts curriculum  and other disciplines are eligible for state aid reimbursement when arranged  through BOCES' Arts in Education Program.

    The following cannot be contracted through Arts in Education

    • Fundraisers for PTA and other groups
    • Programs for parents or community groups
    • Evening programs that do not show a clear connection to the curriculum; back-up documentation from district administration may be required
    • Programs at locations other than on school grounds or at artist venues

    Please also note:

    • Programs listed in the Visual Arts category may require lesson plans/study materials if they do not clearly show an arts connection.
    • Only Arts in Ed programs can include Professional Development – not Exploratory Enrichment.
    • The cost of materials such as art supplies needed to present programs is allowable. Author programs can include the cost of books if all students are included. 

    Interactions between artists, students and teachers can take place within the  school building or in locations outside the school. To identify musicians,  conductors, sculptors, painters, designers, dancers, choreographers, actors,  directors, producers, set-designers, authors, poets and other artists which may  be appropriate for your school, please go to SEARCH DIRECTORY in the left navigation bar on this page. To learn more about purchasing tickets/admissions for activities  outside the school, please go to HELP.  To complete an on-line Program Request, go to "Request for Visiting  Artist/Experts" on the Online Forms page. Be advised that all "Request Forms" submitted to BOCES must be approved  by your district Arts in Education Administrator.