• Nassau County Museum of Art
    Art Partners

    The education department at the Nassau County Museum of Art is dedicated to  inspiring a lifelong appreciation, love, and understanding of visual arts  and culture through an inquiry based, interactive and multi-disciplinary  approach to learning. People of all ages and abilities visit the museum to engage  in a variety of programs that explore the museum’s rich and varied resources.  Accredited by the

    Nassau County Museum of Arts New York State Board of Regents as a museum and educational institution,  NCMA serves more than 15,000 Long Island school children and their teachers  who visit the museum each year for exhibition- and art-related activities.

    At the heart of our school programs is the belief that all children can look at,  talk about, and enjoy works of art, given a safe and inviting environment to observe,  question, and reflect. Our focus is on creating opportunities for students  and teachers to think creatively and collectively as they consider the power  of art to help us learn, to make us wonder, and to move us personally.  We focus on making personal connections to art, on exploring the materials,  techniques and processes used to create art, and examining the historical  and social context in which the works were created.

    The museum provides many ways to explore the changing exhibitions as well as  the historic building that houses them. All our programs support  and enhance classroom learning.

    The Art Partners Program provides a long term partnerships which allows for  the development of a deep and sustained relationship with the museum. Art Partners is a  museum/school collaboration enriching educational experiences through engagement with  visual art tailored to meet the needs of each class. Classes visit 3 exhibits,  developing visual literacy, communication skills, critical thinking, and self-expression  in activities addressing various learning modalities. Inquiry-based, AP addresses NYS Learning and Common Core Standards. Teachers receive 3 Professional Development workshops,  Study Guides, image CDs, and posters. Students receive 3 Family Passes.

    In addition to the Art Partners Program we offer a variety of one time visits,  including tours geared towards literacy development and extending observation.  Professional development workshops are an exciting way to stimulate creative thinking  for classroom teachers and school administrators in a collegial environment.  These workshops are individually tailored to meet the specific needs of the participants.

    For more information on our school programs please contact our  Education Department at 516-484-9338 x 12.