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    Nassau BOCES Arts In Education

    With direction and guidance provided by the Arts Education Advisory Council,  Nassau BOCES Arts in Education Program offers services that are essential to the vitality of music, visual and media art, dance, theatre arts, and creative writing in Nassau County schools. The Arts in Education Program also supports interdisciplinary learning, which enhances all areas of the curriculum.

    Under the rubric of "Artists in Schools,"  performances, workshops, residencies, professional development and individually tailored programs  are offered in cooperation with artists and arts organizations representing many different disciplines. These experiences provide students and teachers with a lens through which they encounter a broad range of cultures, styles and ways of looking at the world.

    In response to particular needs expressed by Nassau County schools, Nassau BOCES has also collaborated with arts organizations to design offerings  for students and teachers, which have a specific focus.

    Programs for students and teachers include:

    • The Tilles School Partnerships at the Tilles Center Institute for Arts and Culture at LIU Post Campus;

    • Side-by-side master classes and performances in cooperation with the Long Island Orchestra, Inc.;

    • Art Partners in cooperation with the Nassau County Museum of Art;

    • Nassau BOCES has also created programs which enable educators to develop special skills utilizing the arts. These include:

    • Professional Development Workshop Series for Music Educators, offered in cooperation with the New York State Council of Administrators of Music Education (NYSCAME);

    • Professional Development Workshop Series for Art Educators, offered in cooperation with the Art Supervisors Association (ASA);


    Composed of administrators responsible for arts programs in their school districts, the Arts in Education Advisory Council meets during the school year to examine issues of particular relevance to music, visual and media art, dance, and theatre arts. 

    The Arts Education Advisory Council is chaired by a member of the Council who works with the BOCES Arts in Education Supervisor to design and conduct the Council. Areas of specific concern, need or interest are addressed. Meeting agendas include an opportunity for Council members to share information about arts resources.