FindIt! FAQ

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     Q. 1) What is "findit!"?
    The Nassau BOCES School Library System (NBSLS) received a Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) Grant for the fiscal year 2012-2013, which are federal funds from the Institute of Museum and Library Services that are awarded by the New York State Library.
    This grant was used to provide a single login service to school buildings for accessing the NOVELny databases, as well as any subscriptions purchased through NBSLS.  This service allows students and faculty quick access to their online resources.  The single login service also provides librarians with convenient access to usage data and an additional resource in support of their curriculum.  
    NBSLS is continuing to provide this service at no cost.   
    Q. 2) Where do I find it?
    The general link is  Scroll through the listing until you locate your school's name and click on it.  
    You can also access FindIt! through your building's direct link.  (Please contact the office if you need your link)
    Q. 3) How do I log in?
    Logins can be customized for ease of use (many already have been).  Please contact the office if you wish to do so.  
    Your students will use your OCLC code as the username to access the site. The OCLC code is unique to each library and embedded within the barcode used to check out books. For example you might see following on the label of one of your books:
    14 digit barcode - 3XANA000000000
    11 digit barcode - XANA0000000
    less than 8 digits - please contact the office to confirm what is on file
    Please note: XANA is the school library systems' code, please use your own for access
    Q. 4) What online resources do I receive access to?
    You receive access to:

    a. Any online database purchases made through NBSLS will be available on your page
    b. (Provided to all schools in Nassau County by NBSLS)
    c. Various Rosen eBook titles 
    d. All NOVELny databases - 




    Academic OneFile
    Business Insights:Essentials
    Educators Reference Complete 
    Expanded Academic ASAP
    General OneFile
    General Reference Center Gold
    Health Reference Center Academic
    Informe Academico
    InfoTrac Newsstand
    Kids InfoBits
    New York State Newspapers
    Opposing View Points 
    Research in Context
    Britannica School
    Britannica Academic
    Britannica Escolar


    Q. 5) What do statistics look like and how do I access them?
    Here is a sample of the usage of a selected school.  Please contact the office in order to obtain your statistics for FindIt!.
    statistics sample
    Q. 6) May I share the link to my students and faculty?
    Please share the link with all your students and faculty, as it will help them with the projects that they do.
    Q. 7) Can the interface be changed?
    Yes, it can, please see below for the options and contact the office to request a change.
    default view
    Template 1
    Template 2
    Juvenile FindIt Page
    Alternate Juvenile Screen