About Barry Tech

  • Each year, high school students from all parts of Nassau County choose to add Barry Tech to their high school experience

    In addition to a high school diploma, these students want a head start in learning skills needed for employment and/or more direction in what they want to study at college. A successful year or two at Barry Tech can enable you to:

    • enter the world of work after graduation
    • continue advanced career studies in a technical training course
    • attend a two- or four-year college.

    Barry Tech courses are taught in environments that simulate the real world. Classes may be held in an airplane hangar, horse training stable, carpentry shop or video production studio. Courses focus on doing things, rather than just reading or hearing about them.

    Attending Barry Tech

    In addition to taking academic courses leading to a diploma, every student attending a public high school in New York State is entitled to enroll in an occupational course of his or her choosing. Barry Tech offers about 40 different courses.

    A wide variety of students attend Barry Tech. Many are excellent students in their home schools and enjoy the professional atmosphere Barry Tech offers. Others discover that Barry Tech's learning approach works well for them and often find their grades show significant improvement.

    Barry Tech School Hours:
    A.M. classes - 7:50 to 10:20
    P.M. classes - 11:50 a.m. to 2:20 p.m. 

    Learning at Barry Tech

    Barry Tech courses provide you with both theory and practical application. You explore career options, and you are encouraged to learn at your own pace. You will gain valuable experience while learning about the world of work. In this kind of atmosphere, you begin to understand and accept the uniqueness of your abilities. At the same time the classroom experience helps you develop and expand your skills. You learn to work as part of a team dealing with a wide range of situations, building confidence as a natural outcome.

    Barry Tech teachers are experienced in both subject matter and the world of work. They are eager to share their skills and experiences, and they work hard to help you succeed.

    Fees and Expenses

    Students and their families do not pay tuition. However, purchase of individual equipment, work clothes and/or materials may be required for a particular course. Any purchase made is the property of the student and can be used in an employment situation after graduation.