Professional Development and Pre-approved Classes


    NABCOT unit members can receive salary advancements through the completion of approved college, university or in-service course credits. A list of pre-approved courses can be found below in Portable Document Format (PDF):

    •  In-Service Courses
    •  College Courses
    •  Key to "Approved For" Codes
             All blocks will be processed for teachers on September 1st. Teachers can submit 1 block per year, unless moving from a Level III to a Level IVA or IVB.  In that instance, teachers can submit 2 blocks to be processed after the movement from Level III to Level IVA or Level IVB, and 2 blocks the year after that.  The subsequent years will allow for 1 block only.

    BLOCK OF 12

            Salary advancement may be granted by completing  twelve (12) credits (college or university).  This must be applied for within two (2) months after the applicable course work has been completed. However, in the event that a teacher fails to apply within the aforesaid two-(2) month period, the affected teachers may apply for credit prior to the following September 1. Credit given during the September application period shall receive prospective salary credit only.

    BLOCK OF 15

    Salary advancement may also be granted by completing fifteen (15) in-service credits and submitting paperwork and documents to Human Resources.  All block movements are processed September 1st.

    All adjustments of salary occurring as a result of level movement shall be effective on the employee's anniversary date of employment or adjusted date of employment, September 1, or January 1, whichever occurs first. You must apply within two (2) months of completing the requirements to move to the next level or you will not have your salary adjusted until the next September 1 or January 1.
    Please fill in the following form on-line, print, sign and return to the Department of Human Resources:

    Salary Adjustment Form - Teacher Level Move/Block of 12


    All adjustments of salary and/or level movement occurring as a result of additional training shall be effective at the beginning of the school semester next succeeding the date of the conclusion of coursework (semesters begin September 1 or January 1).

    Salary Adjustment Form – OT/PT Block/Level Move

    MyLearningPlan allows teachers and PPS staff to submit course requests. Go to to log in.


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    Maintaining Your  Professional Certificate Holders Responsibilities: Effective 7/1/2016 all registered holders of a Professional Classroom CertificateEducation Leadership Certificate or Level III Teaching Assistant Certificate are required to successfully complete 100 hours of acceptable CTLE during the 5 year registration period if they practice in a NY school district or BOCES. The CTLE requirement may be completed any time during the 5 year registration period.


    The Human Resource department approves all professional development activities to accrue towards your continuing professional development requirement. The professional development must be given by an approved NYSED vendor.
    You must keep a record of all professional development completed during your registration period, including that provided by Nassau BOCES.  You are responsible for keeping all records, and must provide documentation if NYSED requests proof of your 100 CTLE hours. Nassau BOCES is not responsible for reporting your 100 hours to the TEACH website.