• Medicaid in Education

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Please access the SSHSP Questions and Answers which are published by SED and DOH. They contain specific historical and current Medicaid policies and billing guidance related to the provision of, and available Medicaid reimbursement for, school supportive health services.

    Throughout the Question and Answers, there is information about:

    • Compliance Agreements
    • General Requirements - IDEA and SSHSP
    • Document Requirements, Service Delivery and Record Retention
    • Training
    • Provider Qualifications
    • Billing and Claiming Guidance
    • Services
    • Under the Direction of (UDO) and Under the Supervision of (USO)
    • Random Moment Time Study (RMTS) and Cost Report
    • Medicaid Enrollment
    • ETIN
    • and More!

    When you go to the Question and Answers, you may find it helpful to perform a "Find" - Ctrl f - for a specific word/topic you are looking for.