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    The Nassau BOCES School Library System (NBSLS) provides a variety of subscription-based online resources to component school districts. NBSLS will incorporate this service as a component of its Library Automation and Resource Sharing Service. As the aggregating agent, NBSLS can provide the greatest cost savings for libraries, complete with current information from vendors, and standardized training in the effective use of the databases.  Click the links below to access the current price sheets, information on the latest updates, BrainPop, instructions (written and video), trials and an article of interest.
    A video explaining how to use the filters is below  - please check it out if you have any questions.  The list of items updated are listed in the Updates section (thank you to the librarians that helped with finding those errors)  **Remember the links to the different areas are listed below this video.

    Current Price Sheet              Updates               BrainPop                  Instructions                  Trials                       Wny are Databases Better than Search Engines


    Price Sheet

    2022-2023 Price Sheet IS AVAILABLE (see below) - Please RIGHT CLICK  the link below to download the document if you prefer to work within an Excel document.  If you do not right click, it may open as an online document (ex. Google Sheets).  If you are a Google district, the document may open automatically in Google Sheets. 
    Latest Update: 6/23/22 4:19 pm

    Current Price Sheet              Updates               BrainPop                  Instructions                  Trials                       Wny are Databases Better than Search Engines


    Updates and Reminders

     Updates as of 6/23/22

    1.) Capstone / PebbleGo -  What an Add-on is has been clarified. For example, if you purchase the Silver Bundle you get all 5 PebbleGo Modules, Plus one Add-ON - you pick one add on product.
    Add-On Products:
    1. PebbleGo Next (all 4)
    2. PebbleGo Spanish Bundle
    3. ReadMore for Animals and Science (both modules)

    2.) Visual Learning has been added to the sheet

    3.) Line 1073 has been inserted - it's a custom line for Proquest

     Updates There have been a few changes made to the 2022-2023 price sheet.  **June 16, 2022**
    1)  BrainPop has fully transitioned to the Erie 1 Contract.  You will need to contact Elaine Zseller by email to purchase these resources. 
    2)   Please note there is no longer a separate spreadsheet for Gale ebooks. A listing of the books is located at  Gale Ebooks - the hosting fee is listed with the online databases - and there are bundles of ebooks listed with the online databases, but they did not give us individual ebooks.  If you find an ebook you would like, please email and we will get the pricing for you.
    3) The price sheet released on June 5, 2022 had incorrect pricing for Oxford University Press- it has been corrected
    4) Scholastic had a strange error that was adding like $1.35 to the total added. We have corrected that 
    5.)  MyJove and Generation Genius have been added to the sheet 
    6.) Sage pricing has been corrected as well
    6.) Trials are below

    Current Price Sheet              Updates               BrainPop                  Instructions                  Trials                       Wny are Databases Better than Search Engines



    Below this video are written directions.  

    1. There are now a total of 6 color-coded tabs on the spreadsheet.
    However, you can still scroll through the tabs by clicking on the arrows in the lower left-hand corner of the spreadsheet. 
    2)  The spreadsheet has been set up to filter by a supplying vendors. Clicking on the drop-down icon will allow you to limit the number of vendors that you are looking at. 
    3)  At the bottom of the Online Database Options page (light blue tab) you will find subtotals for all of the tabs.   You will also see the total for each page at the top of your spreadsheet.
    4)  Non-database vendors have been moved to the Library Resources tab. This includes:  Library Trac,, MediaFlex, NoodleTools, OverDrive, Springshare (LibGuides) and TurnItIn.
    5)  Selection Boxes - Selection boxes are editable.  Simply delete the resources you don't want.  Or you can type in the notes area.
    Selection Box - 
    Selection Box Example
    Selection Box after unwanted items are deleted -
    Selection Box with Deletions  

    Current Price Sheet              Updates               BrainPop                  Instructions                  Trials                       Wny are Databases Better than Search Engines




    Why are Databases better than Search Engines?



    Historical Information

    Beginning in 1990 NBSLS provided Internet access to school districts as part of a partnership with Hofstra University.  NBSLS trained library media specialists and district administrators to use the Internet as an instructional tool. NBSLS frequently offered training to districts.  A significant part of the library automation service included training in the use of library automation software.

    Districts turned to NBSLS for leadership regarding electronic resources.  Initially, NBSLS members accessed full-text data through CD-ROM purchases.  As the use of the Internet expanded, districts explored the use of online databases.  NBSLS held more than four dozen meetings to discuss the implementation of online databases within the school library. During the period of 1996 – 99 NBSLS members met to evaluate online databases.  During this time, using Electronic Doorway Library monies and other grant funds, NBSLS provided free access to two electronic databases for 56 school districts.  Members ranked the use of these databases as a prime NBSLS service.  District members requested that NBSLS become an aggregating agent so that districts could take advantage of scale pricing, NBSLS expertise, and the NBSLS training facilities.

    NBSLS support shall include:

    • Evaluation of databases based on selection criteria
    • recommendation of databases for vendor negotiation
    • negotiation of price and licensing agreements with vendors
    • authorization and authentication strategies
    • notification to districts of proposed service
    • a checklist of projected in-district technical requirements
    • centralized subscription billing and payment
    • training in the use of the online database
    • workshops on the use of online databases to support the curriculum needs of students
    • Evaluation of the success of the service

    Management and Control of the Service

    NBSLS will negotiate pricing, establish district accounts, supervise the timely access of the databases, address technical issues as possible, and provide access to training. 

    Cost Basis for Service

    Prices for databases will vary. Costs for each database will be determined after negotiation by NBSLS personnel with individual vendors. All elements of the service including vendor negotiation, billing and workshops will be covered by an NBSLS coordination fee. 

    Current Price Sheet              Updates               BrainPop                  Instructions                  Trials                       Wny are Databases Better than Search Engines



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