Transportation Services

  • CoSer: 605.010, 605.020, 614.500

    Nassau BOCES' Transportation Services provides busing utilizing direct routing from a student's residence or home district to any site that houses any Nassau BOCES student program including all Special Education locations, Career and Technical Education and the Long Island High School for the Arts. Transportation service includes providing a matron or nurse when required as well as two-way radio communication, GPS tracking in every vehicle and overall route monitoring by a safety coordinator. Travel time is kept to a minimum. This service is eligible for Transportation Aid.

    Transportation Services also provides long-distance coach buses, as well as busing for local field trips to Nassau BOCES-approved sites across Long Island, New York City and other areas in New Jersey and upstate New York for those districts participating in the Nassau BOCES Outdoor and Environmental Education programs. Please visit our Outdoor and Environmental Education program website for site information.

    Nassau BOCES provides an important service by monitoring the driver records and vehicle inspections before each long distance trip as required by state and federal regulations.

three happy students standing in front of a School Bus