• I hope everyone is doing well.  I know this is a hard time but hopefully getting back to doing some work will help things feel a little normal.  

    This is new for all of us so if you have questions, please email me and I will do my best to give you an answer.

    I am putting the work on my webpage because most students are familiar with using this to access work. Until everyone is familiar with the email system I will put the work on my webpage too.  Please try to do work on email system because eventually I will only be posting in 1 place.


    Wednesday, March 25th AM&PM -

    More review for final exam, Read through powerpoint and answer questions at the end.  Submit to be graded.

    Animal Body Language and Behavior 


    Tuesday, March 24th AM & PM -

    We will start to review for final exam.  The exam is the same for AM and PM so the review work is for both classes. 

    PowerPoint lesson with classwork

    Complete questions at end of powerpoint and email me back the powerpoint with your name so it can be graded


    Monday, March 23rd -

    AM Science Integration Work                         PM Science Integration Work

    Vertebrate Lesson                                             Aggression in Dogs Lesson

    Vertebrate Classwork                                        Aggression in Dog Class Work