• Outline of this course:


    Within this course the student will learn the skills needed to obtain a position as a food service worker. The student will demonstrate safety and sanitation skills along with other food preparation techniques; on written, verbal and practical levels. The main goal of this course is for the student to be an employable person and be an asset to the workforce. Other skills learned will include teamwork, professionalism, and proper work ethic.

    Standard Grading Formulas: 

    Work Ethics 40 % (Daily Grade) 0 – 10 Points Per Day Based On Attendance, Productivity, Character, Teamwork, Organizational Skills, Communication, Appearance/ Uniform, Respect Attitude/ Cooperation

    Skill Grade 40%0- Task refused

    1- Limited, No Progress
    2- Below Industry Standards, Needs Assistance
    3- Below Industry Standards
    4- Minimal Progress, with Assistance
    5- Minimal Progress
    6- Meets Industry Standards with, Assistance
    7- Meets Industry Standards
    8- Mastered Industry Standards, with Assistance
    9- Mastered Industry Standards
    10- Exceeds Industry Standards

    Knowledge Grade 20%

    Grades from: Tests Quizzes Worksheets Do Now’s Journals

    Work Ethics 40 %
    Skill Grade 40%
    Knowledge Grade 20%
    Total Grade 100

    Each Day Students Will Have:Closed toe shoes (no flip-flops) Limited jewelry Plastic file box Index cards Notebook (3 ring binder with loose leaf and folder) Pen or pencil Complete uniform (clean) Calculator Measuring cups Measuring spoons Complete Uniform:A complete uniform for this class consists of a laboratory coat, bib apron, chef’s hat, and two side towels. It is also important that students will not wear any shorts as this would be a safety issue in the kitchen!! Shorts- Anything that is shorter than the shins. Uniforms can be purchased from Identity Apparel

    In the Kitchen and Classroom:

    Remember that the kitchen can be dangerous place. Be sure to always act professionally, mature, and adult like!! As a culinary professional it is important to respect others’ feelings and to work as a team. Teamwork is a necessary skill to have when working on any job!!!!