• Students in this course will be introduced to the laws, practices, and techniques necessary to work in the Criminal Justice System. Students will become familiar with the New York State Court System, Correction System, Police Organization, Private Security, and Homeland Security. Students will learn through hands-on, real-world activities such as internships, mock trials, patrol functions on the Student Security Department, field trips, and lectures/Demonstrations from guest speakers
    Students are eligible to receive college credit through our various Articulation agreements where they will receive college credits while attending Barry Tech Police Science. They may purchase credits through our Dual Enrollment program with Farmingdale State College where they can transfer credits to any college.

    Students in this course will receive certifications in First Aid, CPR, Red Cross Sheltering, New York State Security Guard, and FEMA.


    Students will learn about:

    • All aspects of the Criminal Justice System: From arrest to release from prison
    • Conducting a crime scene investigation
    • Operating a security business
    • Dealing with special populations
    • Critical issues in Homeland Security
    • Communication skills
    • Police paperwork
    • Courtroom skills

    Students will practice:

    • Arrest procedures: Handcuffing techniques
    • Fingerprinting skills: Ink & Livescan
    • Self defense and tactics
    • Emergency response techniques (Patrol)
    • Private security systems (cameras)
    • Vehicle stops and accidents
    • Crime scene and lab techniques
    • Lidar speed enforcement
    • Metal Wand Detectors
    • Thermal Imaging  Camera


             33 1/3 % = Work Ethics

            Behavior (cell phone use)



             33 1/3 % = Skill Grade

            Lab, demonstrations, internships, all hands on activities

             33 1/3 % =Knowledge Grade (all points added up)

            Research papers/ Projects = 200 points each  marking period

            Tests = 100 points each test

            Quizzes = 50 points each quiz

            Class work = 30 points each