• Testimonials

    ~ "I am now an Equine Science & Management student at Morrisville State College and I firmly attribute my well rounded foundation and preparation of college level studies to my time at Barry Tech"
    ~ Casey Herron ~ Class of 2009 ~ Wantagh H.S.

    ~ "My experience in the Horse Science & Management Program at Barry Tech has helped me live my dream of working with top horses and riders"
    ~ Fawn Haneman ~ Class of 2010 ~ Wantagh H.S.

    ~ "The Horse Science & Management Program is more than just a learning experience…it’s a family"
    ~ Sara Petersen ~ Class of 2011 ~ Wantagh H.S.

    ~ "I am currently enrolled in Cazenovia College with a major in Equine Business. The Horse Science & Management Program at Barry Tech has prepared me well for my college classes"
    ~ Amber Kunofsky ~ Class of 2011 ~ Mepham H.S.

    ~ "The Horse Science & Management Program has been the best experience. I discovered who I am and what I want to do with my life"
    ~ Stephanie Matousek ~ Class of 2012 ~ MacArthur H.S.

    ~ "You learn everything possible for getting your dream job working with these amazing animals"
    ~ Jenna Carballo ~ Class of 2012 ~

    ~ "The Horse Science & Management Program is wonderful. I learned how to ride and care for these beautiful creatures in a safe, welcoming environment"
    ~ Chrissy DeKoning ~ Class of 2006 ~ East Meadow H.S.

    ~ "Not only did I enjoy one of the greatest passions in my life at Barry Tech, but it helped me to grow and aspire to be a better person"
    ~ Natasha Lees ~ Class of 2009 ~ Great Neck North H.S.

    ~ "Barry Tech was the best experience of my life. It taught me so much for a career with horses"
    ~ Shannon Muhlhauser ~ Class of 2009 ~ Carle Place H.S.

    ~ "Horse Science & Management has opened new doors into the equine industry for me that would have never been possible"
    ~ Fran Cyr ~ Class of 2011 ~ Westbury H.S.

    ~ "The Horse Science Program taught me so many new things and allowed me to get an internship with Dr. Carl-Juul Nielsen, a prominent Long Island Equine Veterinarian"
    ~ Michelle Manfrede ~ Class of 2010 ~ Calhoun H.S.

    ~ "I graduated from Mount Ida College with my B.S. in Veterinary Technology and now work in the field. If it wasn't for the Horse Science Program I would not be where I am in my career today"
    ~ Jenn Ryan ~ Class of 2005 ~ Bethpage H.S.

    ~ "The Horse Science & Management Program helped me get into a great equestrian college and now I have a career training horses"
    ~ Lauren DeKoning ~ Class of 2007 ~ East Meadow H.S.

    ~ "The Horse Science Program at Barry Tech gave me direction. It helped me figure out my future"
    ~ Cindy Prisco ~ Class of 2011 ~ Plainedge H.S.