•   Facilities at work

    Services for Nassau BOCES

    At Nassau BOCES, our Department of Facilities Services is directly responsible for a wide variety of facility-related projects in our schools. These services range from grounds keeping and building maintenance to event setup and security.


     Our department oversees:

  • Capital Project Management
    We maintain a staff of project managers who oversee all facets of Nassau BOCES’ capital construction program.

    Central Maintenance
    The Facilities staff makes corrective repairs and provides preventative maintenance at 13 Nassau BOCES schools, administrative offices and support facilities.

    Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD)
    Our staff offers CAD services including scanning, reproduction and color plotting utilizing the latest computer-aided drafting (CAD) technology.

    Contracted Maintenance and Consulting
    We provide a number of contracted maintenance and consulting services that are managed by our administrative staff.

    Custodial Services
    Our custodial staff maintains a safe, clean and sanitary environment for students and staff at 13 Nassau BOCES schools, administrative offices and support facilities.

  • Grounds Maintenance
    Our dedicated staff provides maintenance for nearly 60 acres of property across the agency.

    Health and Safety
    We promote safe, healthful environments at the agency’s schools and workplaces for students, staff and visitors.

    Public Use of Nassau BOCES Facilities
    We oversee the use of Nassau BOCES facilities for community functions.

    RESCUE Compliance Services
    We conduct mandated annual building condition surveys at Nassau BOCES and for school districts.

    Security Services for Nassau BOCES 
    We are responsible for ensuring that safe and secure atmosphere for staff members, students and visitors at Nassau BOCES locations.

    Warehouse Operations
    We manage a centralized location for the delivery of custodial and maintenance supplies and equipment for the agency.