Rescue Compliance Services

  • CoSers: 701, 709

    As outlined in the New York State Education Commissioner's Rebuilding Schools to Uphold Education (RESCUE) regulations, The New York State Education Department requires school districts to conduct a Building Condition Survey for each of their buildings every five years. The survey must be updated annually through visual inspections.

    Additionally, an Executive Summary, Facility Report Card and a Five-year Capital Improvement Plan must be adopted each year by the Board of Education. The goal of the five-year plan is to analyze building program needs on a district-wide basis and prioritize projects with a focus on resolving health and safety issues.

    Facilities Services performs these services annually with an extensive team of in-house staff, along with the assistance of an architectural consulting firm. The department also has developed a comprehensive consulting contract to provide RESCUE compliance services that is utilized by many school districts in Nassau County.