Who in Cosmetology Made an Impact to the Industry? Why did they Make this Impact?

    Research someone who has made a significant impact in the cosmetology industry. Include: time period, relationship to the time period and impact of the invention, how you relate to this person, and any other relevent information.  
    Based on your research, you will create a digital story using 6 images to tell your story.  Include a two sentence narration to each digital image. Refer to rubric. 
    1:  Decide on person and fill out digital storyboard with prompts. Research this person in depth!  Storyboard is worth 60 points of  grade and must be completed, and graded before using using devices.  

    2: Create digital story using PhotoStory.
    - Import pictures
    - Narrate each pictures using no more than three sentences per picture based on Writing Prompts.
    - Add background music from Soundzabound Library
    - Add a Title and Work Cited page
    - Package digital presentation
     3:  Present your Findings to Class
    - Peer Assesment
    - Self Reflection

Clairol Ad from 1955

How did Clairol impact industry?

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    Using this Discussion Board, and a minimum of five sentences, explain how Clariol shaped the history of beauty.  How did the time period impact Clariol? Your thread will be worth up to 10 points.  

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  • Every beauty buff should know these names:

    • Arinobu Fukuhara
    • Lawrence and Joan Gelb 
    • Madam C.J. Walker
    • Eugene Rimmel 
    • Florence Nightingale Graham 
    • Estée Lauder
    • Charles Revson 
    • Helena Rubinstein 
    • Eugene Schueller 
    • Ernest Beaux 

    Why should we know these names?