Vocational Assessment

  • A Vocational Assessment is the process of identifying and appraising an individual's level of functioning in relation to successful employment. The purpose of vocational assessment is to:

    • Enhance an individual’s self-knowledge and vocational decision-making abilities 
    • Predict realistic employment outcomes and
    • Plan a course of action for future employment, vocational training or education.

    Career Support Services provides Level 3 Vocational Assessments which assists individuals in making decision based on their individual strengths in making educated decisions to determine their best career path.
    Some combinations of the following Level 3 Assessment methods being used are:
    • Work samples; job samples
    • Situational assessments; community based assessment
    • Standardized Testing
    • Interview
    • Transferable skills; job matching
    • Analysis of background information
    • Career Exploration/job shadow
voc assessment


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