Frontline IEP (formerly IEP Direct)

  • CoSer: 602.041
    IEP Direct is the leading Special Education software dedicated to assisting School Districts ensure compliance with New York State requirements. It is comprehensive with a multitude of advanced options that will provide your district with features such as; real-time sharing, production of all State and Federal compliance reports, drafting and viewing the IEP on line, approved electronic submission of PD reports and STAC reports just to name a few. Several of their other products integrate with the software to provide a seamless answer to your other district needs. This includes Frontline Medicaid (formerly Medicaid Direct) and Frontline RTIm (formerly RTIm Direct).  

    What Is Included In The BOCES Service?

    ·         Phone support through IEP Direct or Nassau BOCES.

    ·         User meetings.

    ·         Relevant group trainings at Nassau BOCES

    ·         Contract through Nassau BOCES for additional training days through Frontline Education, formerly Centris Group (to be hosted at our location if desired).


IEP Direct