Frontline Medicaid

  • CoSer: 602.041

    Frontline Medicaid is an enhanced Medicaid processing software for districts that participate in the School Supportive Health Services Program (SSHSP). Nassau BOCES will support the software and the Medicaid billing process through workshops, user groups, onsite training and support, and email and phone support. This service is customized to the specific needs of the district. A district can also receive individualized staff training for office staff and related service providers. Nassau BOCES will provide personalized needs assessment for reimbursement with the ultimate goal of assisting districts by enhancing compliance, improving data accuracy while optimizing reimbursement opportunities. Frontline Medicaid is the most efficient way to maximize reimbursement with the new SSHSP billing process.

Medicaid Toolkit

  • The Medicaid Toolkit offers a wide variety of great features and reports, all of which have been designed specifically to help you optimize Medicaid reimbursements and monitor compliance.

    • Reimbursement Status: Track reimbursement goals and progress by school year, and optimize reimbursement.
    • Resolve Validation Errors: Review validation errors for services within the billing window, and instantly identify the lowest-effort, highest-return opportunites.
    • Student Details Dashboard: View all relevant student information from IEP and Medicaid, all in one place.
    • Claim Data Reports: Interactive reports for tracking remittance data, reimbursement trends, and claim file status.
    • Compliance and Best Practices: Learning center with Medicaid regulation and compliance topic overviews, links to external resources, and related snapshot data.
    • Management Reports: Schedule Medicaid status and summary reports to send automatically via email.
    • Targeted Lists: Display top students, providers or other data to show trends. Charts, Graphs, and tables display top results.
    • CVS Extracts: Complete data set is provided for users to get all the details. 
    • Import/Validate Feature: Review and import services to accept records easily.
    • ...and Much More!
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