Intensive Support Program Information

  • AUTO LUBE: Requires driver’s license, physical ability to work on cars, and mechanical ability.
    Students learn to perform oil changes, tire changes, brakes, tune ups etc.
    NOTE: A clean license is important for job placement.

    BUILDING MAINTENANCE: Students receive hands-on training on the latest cleaning techniques, carpentry skills, basic electrical skills and plumbing while using state-of-the-art equipment. Training includes instruction on safety protocol and customer services skills. Graduates are well-equipped for entry-level positions in building maintenance.
    STOCK and INVENTORY: Students will learn computer inventory programs, cashiering, the basics of stock and leveling shelves in department stores, product recovery and learning sales techniques. Additionally, they will acquire basic customer service skills necessary for any retail position.

    DIRECT CARE: In this program our students learn both child care skills to work in a pre-school and elder care skills for work in senior centers. Students must have a 7th grade academics, a high school diploma, excellent judgment, and the physical ability needed in this industry.  

    CULINARY TRAINING: Students train in a working cafeteria, learning to prepare appetizers, salads, entrees, sandwiches, vegetables, pastas, soups, sauces, gravies, and baked goods. With emphasis on basic nutrition, management operations, sanitation, safety, and customer relations, students are well positioned for careers in the food service industry. 

    OFFICE SKILLS: Training in Office Skills allows students to become proficient with computer software that is used for preparing written documents, spreadsheets, databases, and presentations. Students will also learn how to manage e-mail, fax, and phone systems. This training is necessary in today’s workplace to both obtain an office support position as well as provide opportunities for growth in an office.

    PET CARE/ GROOMING: This program provides students with excellent customer service skills, safety in working with animals and basic grooming techniques. Upon completion of the program, students can work with animals in settings such as pet stores, veterinary offices and grooming salons.  
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