Language Programs and Assessment Services

  • CoSer: 423.010, 423.500

    Language Programs and Assessment Services (LPAS) is a subscription service.  Districts can subscribe by selecting our service on the Letter of Intent. The tiered subscription rates are based on district size.

    Interpretation/Translation Services

    Language Programs and Assessment Services (LPAS) provides interpreters and translators in more than 40 languages to facilitate communication with bilingual students and their families.  Interpreters are trained to provide interpretation during intake/registration; CSE meetings; parent/teacher conferences; and NYS testing.  Translators can translate letters from English to the target language or test answers and transcripts from the target language to English. 

    Bilingual Evaluations

    Language Programs and Assessment Services (LPAS) also coordinates bilingual psychologists and speech pathologists who conduct bilingual psychological, educational and speech/language evaluations; bilingual social histories and new entrant screenings for component school districts. 

    Requesting Services

    Use the Four-Page Bilingual Assessment Intake Form when requesting bilingual assessment services. Requests are generally completed in 4 weeks. Please contact us if you need a rush evaluation.

    • Psychological Evaluation
    • Educational Evaluation
    • Social History
    • Speech-Language Evaluation
    • New Entrant/Kindergarten Screening

    Click here for the link to the fillable Interpretation or Translation Time sheets.

    Use the Interpretation Intake Form and Translation Intake Form when requesting interpreting, testing or translating services:

    • Interpretation during LPT meetings.
    • Interpretation at Registration/Intake
    • Interpretation for Family Meeting/CSE
    • Translation of Letter or School Documents
    • Interpretation During Testing
    • Proctoring of Exams
    • Translation of Test Responses

    Itinerant ENL Instruction

    Language Programs and Assessment Services (LPAS) also provides itinerant ENL instructors in grades K-12 for local school districts and ENL instruction for students in other Nassau BOCES programs.  If your ENL staff is fully scheduled and you still have a section that needs coverage, LPAS can provide an itinerant instructor for you.  Language Programs and Assessment Services (LPAS) can also provide required ENL instruction for students enrolled in other Nassau BOCES programs.  For further information about any of these services, please contact the Nassau BOCES Language Programs and Assessment Services (LPAS) office. 


    Other Language Programs Services

    Language Programs and Assessment Services (LPAS) can also provide staff development workshops, curriculum development aligned with the Common Core Learning Standards, evaluation of programs for ELLs, technical support services and borrowing privileges from our extensive resource center.  


Foreign Language Program

  • CoSer: 301.500, 302.500

    The Foreign Language Program provides language other than english (LOTE) teachers for languages less commonly taught.  These itinerant teachers are employed by Nassau BOCES and can service several districts.  If you are interested in starting a LOTE program in less commonly taught languages, or if you have an existing program and need a teacher, please contact the LPAS office.