Earth Balloon

  • View the earth in its entirety, just like astronauts do!

    This 19-foot inflated model of the earth generates discussion about geography, salt water vs. fresh water, polar regions, conservation, the impact of humans on the world, and time zones, and gives a new sense of perspective of size, scale and distance. 

    Inside the EarthBalloon you can see the land massess and learn about Plate Tectonics ß Inside the Earth Balloon: plate tectonics becomes easier to understand when viewing the continents from inside the Earth Balloon!
    Download the  Earth Balloon Flyer
    "Viewing the world on such a large scale was very exciting to the children. They gained an understanding of the relation of the continents to each other, the vastness of the oceans and the seriousness of the expanding deserts. They were interested in the topography of the land and oceans.. The naturalist had a wonderful way with our children. she welcomed the many questions and comments made and treated each student's contribution with much respect. Her enthusiasm was contagious!"
    ~ 4th Grade teacher, Bethpage, Central Boulevard
earth balloon