•  www.xtremeintern.com
    Xtreme Intern is an online career adventure for students in grades 8 - 16.
    The free access to the educational site can be delivered via
    1. A class
    2. Groups
    3. Individually
    4. Online Course
    Individuals can access the adventure from school or home during the school year or summer months. 
    The online career adventure is designed to:
    1. Meet all of the CDOS Learning Standards of:
      • Career Awareness through four career assessments, Career Strategy Playbooks, Career Plan 
      • Career Exploration through the completion of internship tasks using academic knowledge and skills.
      • Career Preparation through resume writing and SWOT analysis.
     Xtreme Intern is divided into two adventures.
    • Cloud City is designed for students in grades 8 - 10 as the internships are shorter in time, contain easier tasks, and lead towards careers which can begin after exiting high school or two years of post-secondary training.. 
    • Global Planet Solutions is designed for students in grades 11 - 16 as the internships are more robust and lead towards careers which required four years of post-secondary education. 
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