Meet Our Team

  • Yajaira HerreraProgram Coordinator
    Phone: (516) 396-2264
    Fax: (516) 333-6432


    Nassau BOCES Naturalist

    Bill Monahan
    Phone: (516) 802-3238 / (631)549-0071
    Fax: (516) 802-3239

    Our naturalist are the best!

    Our program naturalist meet all Nassau BOCES and Civil Service requirements and have varied backgrounds and vast experiences in the field of Outdoor and Environmental Education. Combine this with a love of nature and you'll see how it puts them over the top.

    I was extremely impressed with how the naturalist was able to motivate 14 ten-year olds that he never met before. This group was from all different classes from our building. He got them all to communicate, cooperate and trust each other. Despite the downpour of rain that day, he made it fun for them and made sure they were safe at all times. Truly Impressive! (It was a great experience for me as well!).

    A student 's thank you  letter to a naturalist.