• CCLS Digital Modules:  

    A district must belong to the Center for Online Learning CoSer (409) in order to access COL content. This subscription entitles districts with full access to COL offerings as per the CoSer description in the Nassau BOCES Directory of Services.

    Common Core ELA and Mathematics Modules (K – 8), Algebra, and Geometry

    Each of the Common Core courses has all materials from EngageNY, reorganized into user-friendly folders,  linked to standards, and with student worksheets imported as MS Word documents for teachers to adapt. Teacher preparation and presentation materials, created to assist teachers in teaching Common Core modules include:

    • Teacher preparation pages, noting materials needed for each lesson
    • Teacher presentation files
    • Teacher presentation notes
    • Virtual manipulatives, where appropriate                                                   CCLS ELA Demo Homepage

    Future development includes online standards-based assessments, video elements, and skills support. Development is ongoing and teacher-led.  

    Two types of licenses are available:

    Content License 

    This license provides the teacher with access to digital modules (for one course) as well as:

    • All materials are re-organized into a lesson-based, user-friendly format.
    • Additional resources provided to guide teachers
    • Parent resource folders by module
    • PowerPoint lesson guides
    • Ability to download and/or project lessons, activities, and assessments
    • All student documents are converted to Microsoft Word for possible editing.

    General Cost Information

    • All P-6 Common Core Resources are $47/subject/teacher
    • Any secondary curricula (7-12) that have been created or enhanced by teachers are $184/subject/teacher
    • Secondary Common Core courses that have not been enhanced are $47/subject/teacher
    • Maximum cost per teacher for curriculum: $376 
    Teacher License

     This license provides the teacher with access to all resources available through Student Licenses, plus: 

    • Ability to modify, adjust, and save changes to online module content as well as upload additional content
    • Ability to enroll all students directly into the Center for Online Learning’s Learning Management System, allowing direct personal access to student materials and assessments
    • Assess students online and receive immediate data and feedback
    • Ability for teachers to create and deliver multiple courses at no additional cost
    • 24/7 access for teachers and all students/parents

    Cost: $94 per teacher for license + $47 or $184 per CCLS module for content + $300 learning management system training, if needed.



    Elisa A. Maggi


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