What Makes a Good Children's Book?

    You will be creating a short digital children's book.  When writing your book, think about:
    • What is the central theme of your book?  What is the underlining message?
    • What is the intended age group?  Is it developmentally appropriate?
    • Decide whether your book is is mostly words, mostly pictures, or a bit of both
    • Include all story elements:  Characters, setting, plot, theme, and conflict
    • Be creative!
    • Draft your story 

    Please keep in mind: 

    • Books should be no longer than 10 pages long.
    • Storyboard must first be created (this is your rough draft of book) and then approved by me. 
    • Images can be either drawn or taken from internet - Keep in mind Fair Use for Use of Graphics 
    • Upon approval of your storyboard, you will be using Photostory to create your digital story. 



Discussion Board