Welcome to the Online Learning Academy!

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     Fully prepare your K-12 students for college and career by enrolling them in the courses they need.


    What is the OLA? 

    The Online Learning Academy; OLA for short, enables school districts to provide a variety of courses for which in - district faculty or facilities may not be available. 
     Enroll a student in the Online Learning Academy and we will provide: 
    • Course content for a variety of Core Content and Elective Courses
    • A New York State Certified Teacher of Record
    • Necessary Administrative oversight 
    Many Online Learning Academy courses are facilitated by members of the Nassau BOCES Virtual Teacher of Record Team (VTRT).  All virtual courses that are facilitated by the VTRT have been enhanced to include the following to help students transition to the virtual environment:
    • Up to one-hour of weekly, virtual face-to-face sessions
    • Any additional, ongoing virtual support a student may need (audio conversations, IM, email, etc.)

     Registration Process:

    • Registration begins when a student and their guidance counselor determine if the student is a Good Candidate for Taking Online Classes
    • Once student candidacy is determined, the guidance counselor and student should work together to select which courses they would like to take by Viewing our Course Catalog
    • From here they will need to contact their 'District Mentor' to complete enrollment into the OLA. 
    Not Sure Who Your District Mentor Is?

    Typical Course Costs

    (All Pricing is Per Student, Per Semester)

     Subscribing Districts: 
    • Credit Recovery: $575
    • Original Credit: $575
    • AP Courses: $595

    Cost of course materials NOT included 
    Prices above include Nassau BOCES Course Content, Facilitator Fees, and Nassau BOCES Fees  
    **In the event Nassau BOCES cannot provide a NYS Teacher of Record for a course requested, the student will be enrolled in AccellerateU; the statewide BOCES online learning collaboration. Additional fees may apply.

    CoSers: 409.010, 409.511, 409.030


  • Contact:
    Regina Moraitis, Coordinator of Distance Education Services
    (516) 608-6643
    Fax (516) 936-2040

    Eileen Masso, Administrative Support 
    (516) 608-6628
    Fax (516) 936-2040