Steps to Success

    First Steps

    ___ Sign all your emails or messages to the instructor with your full name and put the course name in the subject line.
    ___ Report any technical issues to your mentor first, as schools may have to resolve firewall/filter issues.  Once you and your mentor have         determined that it is not a local issue, you can contact the Help Desk at and you should get a response as soon         as possible. 
    ___ Complete the Orientation Course.
    ___ Go through the introductory sections of your course - often called Getting Started, Introduction, or Syllabus.
    Working on Your Course
    ___ Work on your course for at least an hour each day.
    ___ Depending on the directions from your teacher, check your messages in Genius daily.
    ___ Keep a notebook for each course. 
    ___ Complete all activities, taking advantage of all interactive (audio, video clips) content.
    ___ Go through the course IN ORDER, completing all assignments in a unit before taking quizzes or exams.
    ___ Submit all written assignments through BUZZ.  Do not submit work via email.
    ___ Check your grade book regularly for teacher comments and suggestions and to see your progress.
    ___ Attend weekly teacher "Office hours" to get extra help and touch base with your instructor and other students in the class.
    ___ When you are done with your session, be sure to log off before closing the browser window.

    Taking Quizzes /Exams:

    ___  Most exams are timed - limited to one hour - so don't start an exam unless you have enough time to finish it in one session.
    ___  While taking an exam, DO NOT hit "refresh" or the "back" buttons.  DO NOT leave, or minimize the page.  If you do, you may                      become locked out of the quiz/exam and be unable to retake it without the teacher's permission.
    ___  Be sure to hit "Submit All Answers" when you are ready to turn in the assessment for grading. (if available) The "Save and Exit"                    button will allow you to continue at another time but will not submit for grading.