• Expressing Breast Milk

    Public employees are allowed to take excused leave during their regular work hours for reasons limited to expressing of breast milk.

    All Nassau BOCES full-time and part-time employees working 20 hours or more are entitled, upon request, to take at least 20 minutes of unpaid break time once every 3 hours for the purpose of expressing breast milk. Such unpaid break time may run concurrently with regularly scheduled paid break or meal times. An employee may make up the amount of time used during unpaid break time before or after her normal shift so long as such additional time requested falls within Nassau BOCES normal work hours. An employee may be required to postpone scheduled unpaid break time for no more than thirty minutes if she cannot be spared from her duties until appropriate coverage arrives. Nassau BOCES shall make every reasonable effort to provide a private and sanitary location.


    Employees are required to give Nassau BOCES advanced notice, preferably prior to returning to work following the birth of a child in order to allow Nassau BOCES an opportunity to establish a location and to schedule leave time.

    More information can be found in Section 4 of the Employee Handbook.