• Jury Duty Leave

    All employees summoned to jury duty shall notify their supervisor as soon as notice has been received.

    It should be noted that any citizen may request a postponement of the assigned jury duty, according to 22 N.Y.C.R.R. Section 128.6-A, which states: "A prospective juror who has received the initial jury summons is entitled, upon notifying the commissioner of jurors, to a postponement of jury service to a specific jury term date that is not more than six months after the date such service is to commence as set forth in the summons." Hence, the public employee should postpone jury service to a date when schools are not in session, such as winter or summer recess.

    If there is an option to postpone via telephone, online or by mail, employees are not to appear in person. One of these options must be chosen.

    Please see additional information in Section 4 of the Employee Handbook.