"The Sum of the Whole is Greater or Equal to its Parts"

    Human Body  

     How Does your Assigned Body System Contribute to the Function of this
    "Amazing Human Body Machine"  
    Task:   Design a glog (interactive poster) that demonstrates how your body system effects the body as a whole. You will work in collaborative groups and will be assigned a specific body system.  



    Possible Points
    The main function of the body system and its importance


    The organs that make-up your body system and how they work together 


    How does your body system impact the body as a whole 


    1.  Minimum of 2 pictures related to your body system
    2.  Minimum of 1 hyperlink to a relevant video  
    3.  1 voice thread listing one or two interesting facts about the body system.  


    Presentation: Information on Glogster should be summarized, not read from poster when presenting


    Total Points Earned


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