Strategic Plan

  • Vision Statement

    Changing lives and shaping the future

    Mission Statement

    To partner with all Nassau County school districts in providing leadership and the highest quality educational and support services. We are committed to ensuring a successful, challenging, caring and safe environment that enables students of all ages and abilities to achieve their maximum potential.


    Excellence – We deliver the highest-quality programs and services.
    Integrity – We value honesty, accountability and high standards.
    Respect – We believe in treating all people with care, courtesy and compassion.
  • Strategic Goals

    Ensure Student Success

    Nassau BOCES will continue to set the standard for high-quality programs and services that enable all students to reach their full potential. We will prepare students to be lifelong learners and global citizens. In the coming years, we will continue to align curriculum to the new Common Core standards and expand our use of data, research, technology and best practices. We also will create online and virtual learning opportunities, and look for additional ways to regionalize the distribution of content and programs.

    Build the BOCES of the Future

    Public education is on the brink of dramatic change. Factors ranging from increased mobile technology and a more diverse student body to a new property tax cap cannot be ignored. Nassau BOCES will build the “BOCES of the future” to meet them. We will rededicate ourselves to staying flexible and creative, to anticipating trends and to expanding our reach. For example, we will lead the way when it comes to developing online learning programs.

    Invest in Our Employees

    For Nassau BOCES to be successful, we must invest deeply in our greatest resource – our people. Emerging leaders at all levels need to be identified and encouraged. Additionally, existing administrators, supervisors, teachers and other staff need to be developed to meet their full potential. This focus will enable our agency to meet the challenges of change, keep instruction and service at the cutting edge, and prepare for leadership succession.

    Improve Long Island's Regional Economy

    Nassau BOCES is uniquely positioned to boost the productivity of our region’s workforce – and, by doing so, to kick-start an economic resurgence. Not only are we a major employer in our own right, but we play a key role in improving the skills and educational level of the county’s citizens. For example, at our Adult Learning Center, new citizens become literate in English so they can qualify for good jobs. Moving forward, we can reduce the impact of inequalities of educational opportunity through professional development or academic enrichment. And we can partner with research institutions, colleges and business organizations to help bring high-tech manufacturing to Long Island.

    Work 'Smarter,' Reduce Costs

    In the last decade, the decision to “own vs. rent” our facilities has been a major source of cost-savings for our agency – and, in turn, for our component school districts. As we go forward, we need to sustain this focus on containing costs. New initiatives may include cooperative contracts for gas and electricity, establishing an agency-wide security center or streamlining internal processes and outsourcing certain functions.


Last Modified on September 22, 2020