• eSchoolData is a robust Student Information Systems that leverages the latest technology to provide educators with real time, unprecedented capabilities.

    eSchoolData delivers an intelligent data framework that is completely web based. The system includes your basic components: registration, period by period attendance, reports, report cards, transcripts and scheduling. It goes far beyond to an AIS component, a Discipline Module in compliance with NYS VADIR and DASA requirements, Census, Gradebook, integrated Student Assessment Portfolio, elementary needs with report cards and scheduling, health information tracking and reporting, extracurricular program management, and easy integration with transportation, cafeteria, library, and other popular services. 

    The powerful functionality of eSchoolData stems from its native data-gathering, data analysis, and data reporting capabilities that link and integrate all data into a centralized database, providing information output at the student, classroom, school, district, and state levels. This database can be imported into MS Word, MS Excel or MS Access for additional functionality.

    eSchoolData is an all inclusive program that keeps growing in leaps and bounds with customer input. The only way to have a comprehensive and robust system is to make sure eSchoolData is always changing with the ever changing New York State demands. All required New York State reports are at your fingertips. A New York based company makes these transitions seamless.

    CoSer: 602.097