• SchoolTool® was built to meet the unique needs of New York State schools. Developed by a NY-based company, Mindex, this all-in-one Student Management System incorporates a variety of data-driven, intuitive, and time-saving features for configuring and managing student data.

    Features include:

    • Built-in and custom reports cover attendance, scheduling, and NYS-specific reporting, including NYS SSEC Discipline Incident Tracking and Reporting. 

    • Full K-12 Student Management functionality with EdLaw2D secure Cloud Hosting.

    • Convenient sharing of student data through SchoolTool’s built-in API suite.

    • Drag and drop scheduling module allows for easy master schedule creation for all district configurations.

    • Real-time attendance tracking and historical trend insights.

    • Gradebook integration with your LMS, featuring easy setup, real-time grade access, and report card generation.

    • User-defined screens/fields and assessments allow districts to add additional data elements.

    • Mobile app to allow contacts, students, and staff to easily view student data and get push notifications.