Food Management Service

  • Nassau BOCES provides innovative, full-service front and back of the house solutions to grades K-12 and staff food service programs utilizing the WinSNAP and WebSMARTT applications. This service provides a holistic and collaborative approach to operating a successful school food service program with easy, reliable solutions that include empowering school food service programs to be financially and nutritionally accountable with technological and operational expertise. The food management software provides for point-of-sale, free and reduced application processing, online prepayments, ordering, inventory, menu planning, production, and healthy vending, using pin pads and barcode readers to access student and staff accounts.

    CoSer: 602.091, 602.591

Heartland School Solutions


  • Gae Pinello, Information Technology Specialist II
    (516) 832-2712

    Peter Siegmann, Information Technology Specialist II
    (516) 832-2783