Automated Communications and Notification Systems

Blackboard Mass Notifications

  • Blackboard Mass Notification System (formerly Bb Connect) enables district leaders to easily and efficiently deliver tailored communications – from a general update to an emergency – across multiple channels to reach the broadest audience possible. Districts and schools can send timely, targeted messages to parents and the community in minutes via phone calls, text messages, emails, and social media. Districts can enhance safety, increase parental involvement and improve student achievement.
    CoSer: 602.020

School Messenger

  • SchoolMessenger is a fully hosted, notifications platform used by school systems to connect with parents, students and staff. The SchoolMessenger notification service delivers large volumes of messages through several channels including voice, email, text message, push notification, social media, web post, desktop alert, and more. A custom mobile app from SchoolMessenger allows the district to deliver news, alerts, events, sports scores, lunch menus and even grades in a convenient native app.  
    CoSer: 602.023 

Blackboard Mobile Communications

  • Blackboard Mobile Communications provides a district-branded mobile app for the K-12 community with the latest news, schedules, and school information personalized for every parent.  Mobile Communications integrates with school websites and mass notification systems for a more streamlined and mobile communication experience. District leaders can provide all the information parents need—including grades, calendars, homework and more—complete with instant notifications to keep everyone informed.
    CoSer: 602.025